03 October 2011

Two in a gondola

The other day I was informed by the owner of a very beautiful boutique which is placed downtown in Athens, "eleven souls" about its new arrivals of "two in a gondola".
Two in a gondola are being designed by the greek designer Elena Pavlou. Elena Pavlou challenges things by mixing haute couture elements in prêt-à-porter. Her unorthodox techniques are a visible trait of her work. As a result of different experiences and a lot of enthusiasm, she decides to carry out her personal label two in a gondola, a name that describes the double-sided character of the designer and that of her work. The designs are easygoing urban wear, for the dynamic woman who wants to differ from the stereotypes. Two in a gondola promises that is always going to be humorous, unique in details and bizarre patterns, as well as of the best quality and craftsmanship.

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