29 November 2011

Benetton - "Pin Up"

Today I received an e-mail from Pinelopi Housiada from "value.com" that informed me about the new Benetton "Pin Up"sweaters, their brand new technology and how they transform the figure of our body. Ιn my opinion they seem to be very tempting and I definitely consider them as a key piece to our wardrobe. The description goes like this:

"The exclusive creation of the new United Colors of Benetton called "Pin Up" helps women to highlight the curves throughout the year. Pioneers in the field of knitwear, Benetton's designers took into account the three dimensional form to develop the technology for "HYPERLINK" http://www.benetton.com/woman/pin-up/ "Pin Up", reinforcing and projecting the feminine curves pointing to the bust and waist. This innovative technique of Benetton minimizes the use of extra fabric, which can cover the curves of a woman, and adds that careful stitching is almost invisible to the naked eye.
The "Pin Up" sweaters are available in an impressive variety of designs and colors that all Benetton fans to find the style that flatters them most. The line includes T-shirts, polo neck, neckline, and basic colors like red, green, blue, grey, black and white."

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